Corporate Programs

At Little Bali, we are very serious about teamwork, synergies and efficiencies. With 10 years experience in major industries such as Telcos and AdTech, managing projects and leading teams across Asia, we have developed a certain acuity towards coaching, developing talents, preventing burnouts and maximizing results. Certified from the largest and most prestigious leadership coaching training institute, our coach in residence will being you the best of coaching to serve your needs. 

Our aim, is to render coaching available to all, including corporations and companies, where people are the key to success; we believe that people are the secret to a sustainable and profitable business – Not the way around. Taking care of your teams, developing your talents and focusing on your people shall be a priority, therefore we chose to help you navigate through this journey, offering you best-in class coaching programs and teambuilding activities, that have proven great results on many others to date.

All programs are offered in both French and English. 

Meet Your Coach, Haifaa Daw, certified in Leadership Development with years of experience working around the globe, designing powerful programs for individuals and corporations.

Hourly Coaching Sessions

Leadership Coaching

1 to 1 Coaching Sessions To Support Key Elements Of Your Teams, Help Them Grow and Lead In Full Authenticity | On-site or Off-Site

Individual coaching sessions are a powerful tool to support key elements of your teams and ensure that they are empowered to lead in full resonance with their talents and strengths, along with the company’s culture they work for. A coaching session allow your team member to have a safe space to reflect and articulate what’s going on, finding the most accurate answers and actions to take in order to grow oneself, finding fulfillment in their role and therefore lifting up the world they are responsible for. 

Offering coaching sessions to your team is a gift of trust and a proof that you believe in their potential within the company. In return, this will create solid loyalty and involvement from your peers, increasing well-being, preventing burnout, and unveiling new levels of partnerships within and across teams.  

Coaching Program

Synergy Coaching

Unleash Your Team Talents, Prevent Burnout, & Create Happiness At Work | On-site or Off-site

This program is for those wanting to honor their team, unveiling their talents in order to work better together. When was the last time you felt truly heard and seen? This session will place your entire team under the spotlight, recognizing the most valuable strengths you hold to co-create powerful synergies. Your team will leave this session feeling empowered, and appreciated for what they bring to the table. They will embrace their authenticity again, and benefit from a solid shot of positive energy, limiting the risk of burnouts and maximizing overall happiness at work.

Wellness  Program

ॐ Om & Meet

A team retreat with yoga, snacks and quality time to gather in a fully privatized space | Can be on-site as well.

A great team is a team that knows how to work hard together, and when to take a break, breath, and acknowledge the great work that has been completed all together. Little Bali is opening its door to teams for them to start (or end) their day powerfully with a nice yoga session, healthy and delicious snacks, and the whole lounging space fully privatized to cater to your needs.

This is an opportunity to gather in a neutral space, offering them a moment to take care of themselves as a team, and as individuals. It’s about giving back to those who are working with you day by day, and allow them to feel that their health and wellbeing at work matter as much as the work they do.

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