Coaching Programs

Expect the best, and the toughest, from this transformative journey. Leadership Coaching is the art of aligning what you do with who you are, ruthlessly creating the life you want; it is your masterpiece after all.

We will co-create focus and clarity, through observations, not opinions, in order to step into a space of growth, may it be personal, professional or-and impacting any area of your life

Fulfillment is not a destination; it is a state of being, making your own journey resonate. Start living by your own choices, trigger change within, create yourself and change your world. 

All programs are offered in both french and english.

Meet Your Coach, Haifaa Daw, certified in Leadership Development with years of experience working around the globe, designing powerful programs for individuals and corporations.


Coaching Circle

Available Through Our Passes At No Additional Cost

Join our weekly coaching circle for a moment of bliss, somewhere in between reflection and inspiration. Different topics will be discussed, and collectively, we will unveil new perspectives through coaching skills and tools. Be ready to mingle with like-minded people, and most importantly, take some quality time to have a conversation with yourself, your needs, and find the space to breath, relax and become your authentic self.

Awaken Your Leader Within

Coaching Program In Group Of 10 People Maximum

This program is a perfect blend between personal coaching and the power of synergies and new perspectives. This offering has been designed for a group of maximum 10 people, wanting to grow and find the best path ahead. Through this journey, you will explore and develop a mastery of the 5 leadership cornerstones, unveiling facets you never knew existed, while taking on new and meaningful challenges.



This is for you if: You have an idea of what you want to be coached on, and address in your life. However, it’s so hard to find answers by yourself. When you want to get going, you find yourself stuck with no answer. At each session, you bring a topic and we co-create to find the best answers in full resonance with your values and what truly matters to you.

Leadership starts with a conversation with yourself. These coaching sessions follow the world-renowned Co-Active methodology which will help you find your own answers to the topics you bring and want to address. As Co-Active coach, we believe that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, to tap into your values and define the best actions to take accordingly.


This is for you if: You’ve built a stable life ( or you are about to), yet you feel that “emptiness” inside of you. It’s hard to talk about it because you can’t understand where it’s coming from and what you can do in order to feel aligned and in full resonance with who you really are. You are searching for meaning in your career and want to grow in ways that truly matter to you. 

This program (6 sessions) has been built around two main pillars: Values and Actions. Through a deep exploration of who you are, your motives and what truly fulfills you, we will work together towards resonance – Through understanding who you are and what you are meant to focus on in order to create a well-tailored and thriving career path.


This is for you if: You are longing for more authenticity in your life; you have so much to say and few opportunity to express it. And when time comes, you don’t really know “how-to”. You simply want to stop asking yourself so many questions and find your essence, the true purpose of your life.

Life is about living truthfully to yourself, being responsible for your world while making conscious choices. This program (6 sessions) is for those wanting to dive deeper into themselves, ready to ask though questions and finally unveil what makes them who they really are. This is about you, creating yourself, and shaping your world accordingly.