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Daring Another World

 “ After 8 years in digital advertising and business development, I realized that human connection is the root of well-being and resonance – Something we’ve lost hold of for a long time now, because of our hectic pace of life and well-rounded routines, leaving us little time to stop and reconnect to what truly matters.

My career as a Coach and my practice of Yoga gave a brand new meaning to my career, to my professional and personal journey. It’s now time to give back and create that unique space designed to renew and restart, a space where stress and obligations are secondary, a space that respects people in their diversity and pushes them to dare another world and become who they truly are.

Haïfaâ was born and raised in Brussels, where she graduated from ICHEC business school, with a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in international management (in English). She was also the first student to produce her master thesis on social entrepreneurship in Belgium. Due to its international exposure, Haïfaâ spent a third of her life in Asia, where her journey began in South India (Tamil Nadu) through a development project which objective was to build villages by investing in local economy and thus carry out a project with a high social impact. Haïfaâ then lived in China where she studied international affairs and trade. Her experience in China will be the starting point for her career in Asia Pacific where she will spend the following ten years.

Once her contract was signed, Haïfaâ flew to Malaysia where she worked as a project analyst for the national telecommunication leader. After two years in Kuala Lumpur, she will be offered a contract in Singapore where she will live for eight consecutive years. There, she learned the ropes of business development, starting her career within Ad Tech startups, then joining the world media leader and largest group of US. Haïfaâ will work there for 5 years and reach the position of vice-president for the Asia-Pacific region; she will manage the Digital Business Development department as well as the teams in Singapore, Japan and Australia.

Quickly realizing the need to be a good leader for her teams, Haïfaâ chose to study Leadership Coaching for two consecutive years with the American CTI Institute, the Coaches Training Institute (Co-Active Coach®), which will open her up to the world of business coaching. She will then take on the role of Coach through the various offices in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States, creating tailor-made programs to address the corporate needs.

In her personal life, Haïfaâ also discovered a passion for yogic philosophy and began to practice Yoga, which would very quickly become a daily discipline. After 8 years of practice, Haïfaâ decided to go to India to continue her Yoga studies and acquired a certification allowing her to deepen her knowledge and become a certified Yoga Teacher (YTT 200®).

Today, thanks to her professional and personal expertise, Haïfaâ achieves her most precious dream: to set up a business, based on her values and its lifelong goal: to change the world, touching one person at a time, to reveal their true self and in turn contribute to a better world. 


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Singapore

Certified from CTI, The Coach Training Institute; a 2 years in-person instructor-led course with 5 years practice to date (2020).

ACC, Singapore

Certified from the International Coach Federation, “gold standard” of coaching by the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School affiliate. 

RYT 200, Goa, India

Registered Yoga Teacher, trained in Singapore and certified in India, with 8 years of practice to date (2020).

B.B.A. & M.B.A.  Brussels, Belgium

Master in Business Administration, specialised in International Management, minor in Social Entrepreneurship 

ICBP Graduate  Qingdao, China

International Chinese Business Program, specialised in Commercial Exchange and Marketing 

Notre  Expertise & École De Pensée

L’Institut de formation Co-Active (CTI) est la plus grande organisation de formation de coaching expérientiel et de développement du leadership au monde, qui a su rayonner sa puissante approache du leadership personnel à travers les continents.

CTI est accrédité auprès de la Fédération Internationale de Coaching (ICF) et reconnu comme « Modèle d’Excellence » par l’Institut de Coaching affilié à la Faculté de Médecine de l’Université de Harvard.

La méthode de coaching Co-Active a pour croyance fondementale de considérer la personne comme naturellement créative, pleine de ressources et entière, capable de trouver ses propres réponses aux challenges auxquels elle fait face.

Devenir Co-Active Coach (CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) se fait en deux années d’études (en présentiel), requiert des stages supervisés ainsi qu’une certaine expérience afin de pouvoir développer les compétences fondamentales que prouvent chaque Co-Active Coach, entre autres l’écoute active, l’impartialité totale et la capacité à challenger de manière constructive et pensée.

Inner well-being should not be a luxury good: it is a state of mind accessible to all, and Little Bali will strive to render it available to the widest audience.

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