Sunday 26th of September




A Self-Care Retreat to Pamper Yourself Naturally

Organic Skincare Workshop

Skin type consultation

Yoga session

Tea time treats

Beauty bag to pamper your skin at home

Are you feeling the post-summer blues?

Would you like to pamper yourself with a self-care moment to detox yourself from the inside out?

Refocus and start autumn off strong: join us for an afternoon dedicated to your self-care, with yoga and organic skincare.

Welcome to a truly unique experience, naturally good for your skin and soul.


  • A 1-hour Yoga session to move, stretch and relax

  • Introduction to organic skincare

  • Understand your skin type and needs, with personal consultations

  • Introduction to natural ingredients, how to choose them, which suit your skin type

  • Understanding of different clays and botanical ingredients

  • Preparation and application of your custom-made facial mask

  • Delicious teatime treats while waiting for the botanical ingredients to do their magic

  • Q&A’s, sharing of experience and reception of your beauty bag

The Experience

During the organic skincare workshop (offered in English), you will learn the prerequisites of organic skincare and understand the different skin types. You will learn how to treat your skin and finally understand your needs. You will also discover how to make your own natural and organic skincare at home. You will be able to understand and experience the benefits of natural ingredients and learn what are the most suitable to your needs.

You will then discover the magic world of clays and blend your own natural clay facial mask. You will find out the properties of each clay and the benefit it brings when blended with other natural ingredients. While waiting for it to do wonders for your skin, you’ll be able to enjoy our tea time treats, with delicious snacks, tea and coffee.

At the end of the session, you’ll be able to ask any question you have to Chiara, Organic Skincare Formulator and certified Soap Maker, and happy founder of C’Bel Organic Skincare. She will guide you through the world of organic skincare that will make you travel through your senses and what the natural world has to offer. Every ingredient used in our workshops are 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

The Gift Of Self-Love

Before leaving, you will receive a wonderful beauty bag, to repeat the experience at home. The bag contains:

  • Two samples of lovely clays, to make up to 5 facial masks

  • A hand-made headband in organic cotton, made with love in Italy by a local artisan, Marielisa – to keep your hair away during the application of the facial mask

  • A cute ceramic bowl and bamboo bamboo spoon to re-create your facial masks

Meet Chiara from C’Bel Organic Skincare

Chiara Bellani is an organic skincare formulator and certified soap maker. She is Italian and has been living in Belgium for seven years, working for the EU. While polishing her background in political science and international relations, she has always been passionate about organic skincare, and she started to formulate her own skincare in the attempt to reduce waste. In 2020 C’Bel Organic Skincare was born and is now being launched to the public. C’Bel is hand- and home crafted right here in Brussels, always produced in small batches.

Additionally, Chiara completed several courses on Aromatherapy by the School of aromatic studies, on Skincare, as well as Organic Formulation by Formula Botanica. Lastly, she holds a certificate from Bottega Zero Waste for completing a training on soap-making with minimal waste.

Follow her on @cbelskincare to discover her Italian roots and global dreams.